Good VS Bad nutrition (Vol.2)

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Recently found that students, here in Greece, in the last year of high school are learning to feed themselves. Taught in general education in biology all the ingredients of foods and how they are metabolized in the body. Is condensed knowledge for anyone who really wants to learn how the human body works. Unfortunately, following investigations, when training begins for the human metabolism at the age of 17- 18 years (the graduates) is too late…

It is well established that the Eating Disorders start at most «tender» age between 12- 15 years. In this pre-adolescent and adolescent phase the person confused many emotions, hormones and stereotypes in body and soul. Disorders in food intake is one of the symptoms of this synchysis..Us,the adults we have to act as better standards for teenagers ..

It is quite important to know what a snack  between breakfast and lunch (eg. in school breaks) or between afternoon and dinner. How  can a teenager choose, when dad or mom buys cheese pies and croissants snacks at work? Continuing  the duel between Good VS Bad nutrition, I suggest the following:

Good nutrition :

All fruits and vegetables are welcome at every snack! To emphasize that the objective of the interim meal is to remain active and full of energy until the next main meal. If you want to sate a snack, maybe you need to forget and move on to a full meal. The combination with yogurt and fruit or with vegetables are full meal for our organization and excellent option for before or after the daily physical activity or manual work . In people with intense physical activity add honey or jam!


γιαούρτι 2

Starting from 50 calories for a moderate fruit and about 180 calories extra for a yogurt! But remember that is whole calories + nutrients + trace elements + vitamins and remains the level of insulin (hormone in the body) at constant levels for long time!

Bad nutrition


I need to remind you that the homemade desserts are much better choice than any ‘sweet’ made of a factory, bakery, pastry shop. You will use fresh ingredients, but the calories and processed sugar will give you euphoria for 10 minutes, raising your serotonin  (a hormone in the body), but after going to «leave» you a craving for more sugar !!! Who stops in a cookie ;;!

Calories the yield is sufficiently greater than the fruits and vegetables, starting from approximately 150 calories 2 biscuits with nuts (40 grams) to 800 calories a piece galaktomboureko (traditional dessert) pastry !!!

It is a great challenge when you need to resist the taste, but for this reason is a duel !


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