World Food Day

The World Food Day is celebrated annually worldwide on 16 October. The theme of World Food Day for the year 2015 is:

«Social Protection and Agriculture: breaking the vicious circle of poverty in rural areas «.

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Approximately one billion people in developing countries are living in extreme poverty. 78% of them live in rural areas where agriculture is the main moving force in the rural economy and in some cases the economy in total. Ensuring a sustainable agricultural policy at international, European and national level is inextricably linked to the primary production support measures and interventions to regulate the market of agricultural products. Realizing, therefore, development programs and enhancing investment in agriculture is a key concern of each State and especially where agriculture is a main pillar of the economy.
The Greek agriculture in response to the challenges of the era and the modern consumer demands, offers high quality products, using the traditional production methods and innovative practices where necessary in order to improve the production and competitiveness of its products.
The EFET ( Greek Food Inspection Agency) issues food policies in the Greek population, promotes proven nutrition standards that contribute to the health of consumers and mainly emphasize on the consumption of local agricultural products. Through this process is highlighted the importance of healthy eating habits, as they are achieved through the adoption of the Traditional Mediterranean Diet as its model.
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This standard is the healthiest way of eating and is internationally recognized for its beneficial effects on human health. The EFET thus contributes to the support of agricultural enterprises of the country region producing a wide variety of local products, which are an integral part of the Traditional Mediterranean Diet, and to protect consumer health by ensuring the production and handling of safe food.
My personal opinion…
It’s easy to talk about a theory of agricultural practice of excellence and protection of the general public, but the everyday person as to feed himself / herself selects the store and asks for easy access to product market. In order to break the vicious cycle of poverty in rural areas we need to support the ordinary consumers, the local production and the empowering of farmers who respect the seasonality in fruit and vegetables, proving that it respects the client / consumer.
Try to allocate local producers or traders in your area that are environmentally friendly, producing or marketing products of the Greek land and within the framework of the crisis creating small or medium-sized companies for their survival.
Though a search on the web you can find farms, orchards, gardens that can supply you with food that respects (as this may be possible) the environment. Your environment!!!



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