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personal training

Personal Training though it may seem strange to you is rooted in the age of Pericles, politician of 5th century BC Athens, Greece. Since then, each family had its own preceptor which used to cater for the physical condition of children. Today, several centuries later, we see more and more people to hire a personal trainer to cater for their needs.
As a trend it started in U.S.A where the profession now is blooming, only recently in Greece, where the last four or five years we have witnessed a rapid growth of this service.
What is Personal Training, actually and what all the fuss is about?
People today spend many hours at work, which does not leave much room to get a physical exercise. We see it in others and in ourselves. The few hours painstakingly saved for sports for many of us, should have the greatest possible benefit to us.

pilates & personal training
pilates & personal training

«And why not join in the nearest gym?».
Well, is not that simple. It is a truth that during peak hours in most gyms most of us are not supervised properly.
Here ‘intervenes’ the philosophy of Personal Training, which is based on three simple but at the same time «golden» rules in the field of fitness:
1. Supervision
2. Correction and
3. Strict adherence to the protocol training.
Personal trainer oversees the trainee through motivation, psychological support, and advice so he/she does not see his trouble is wasted. The personal training includes exercises with weights, rubber bands or neat weight of the human body and can be done anywhere with or without equipment.
Divided into indoor and outdoor personal training can be performed at home, in a fitness studio, or even in the countryside.
What it might be necessary as equipment can be either two chairs facing each other or a mattress on the floor, a sofa or a special tire. At worst you will need from 20-30 € to fully equip yourself with all of these items (weights, etc.).
An increase in demand for personal training (20% in recent years) is precisely due to its simplicity and efficiency. A right choice of personal trainer plays a very important part in the process and the trainee must be as careful as to not engage with unscrupulous individuals who promise quick and immediate results.
The philosophy of personal training is based on systematic cooperation between trainer – trainee, which bears fruition only if there is commitment and discipline from both sides.

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